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In Japan families can summon their house ghost to kill pests for them.

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*cries bc this could have been the best thing on ARTPOP*

Omg where is this place

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Police talk to teen behind Louisville Purge hoax


"Despite the social media attention about the prank, at 8 p.m. Friday, the time the Louisville Purge was supposed to start, people weren’t afraid. In fact, they were out and about all over over town.

From Waterfront Park to Main Street to Bardstown Road people were out enjoying themselves. Whether they were eating dinner on the sidewalk, or tossing a football on the Great Lawn there were no signs of the random acts of violence threatened on social media.”

As a guy who lives in the area that everyone online is saying is “the most violent area during this event”, I can attest to the fact that absolutely nothing is happening. All this “police scanner” shit is garbage, and my part of town hasn’t been “blocked off”. As a matter of fact, I’m sitting on Tumblr. My night has consisted of watching SmackDown and eating pizza.

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble. No matter what’s going on, let’s just pretend that Louisville isn’t a thing right now and focus on the real shit that’s going down in Ferguson.

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When you play a video game with really good graphics


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i didnt know gaga was touring in bikini bottom

shrek needs to fucking chill

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